Nufair Cream (Unique safe & Advanced Brightening face cream)

Advanced revolutionary cream for skin lightening. Unique formulation that reduces Hyper pigmentation, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Melasma, Acne marks, Dark elbows, Knees, underarms, making the skin even textured, visibly brightend and glowing. Free from Hydroquinone, Mercury & other harmful bleaching substances. Quality Bio-active ingredients from natural source and is Safe to be used on all skin type.

  1. Daily use mild fairness cream with natural herbs for normal to dry skin
  2. Revolutionary, powerful,Unique, safe & Advanced whitening and Brightening face cream
  3. Day cream enriched with skin lightening and brightening property of Mulberry extract, Licorice and Skin firming property of Soyabean protein
  4. Free from Hydroquinone, Mercury, Steroids or paraben or other harmful bleaching substances.
  5. Effective and safe for daily use
  6. Provides initial results within 4 weeks of use, however full results generally take 2-3 months and vary based on the individual’s specific skin physiology and condition.
  7. Best Day cream for Fairness in India
  8. Alpha Arbutin and Licorice Extract- Inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activation, has an anti-inflammatory property.
  9. Provides skin brightening effect while remaining, non -toxic to the melanin forming cell.
Packing Code
50 g NFC50

Alpha arbutin, Mulberry extract, Licorice extract, Mentha Piperita, Glycolic acid, lactic acid, soyabean protein, Rose extract, Lemon extract, Jojoba oil, Aloe vera, Rice Bran oil, Glycerine.

Apply an even layer over a cleansed, toned face and neck area twice daily. Massage thoroughly until cream is absorbed completely into the skin. For best results apply in morning and use of a wide spectrum sunblock with SPF 30 or higher is recommended. Wait for 10 minutes before applying make up. Heavy sun exposure between 11AM to 4PM should be avoided for better results. Perfect solution for skin problems like Patchy skin, Hyperpigmentation / Dark discolorations, Melasma/Chloasma, Dark elbows, knees, Underarm and Intimate Areas, Uneven skin tone, Tans/Sundamage, Freckles, Sun spot/ age spot, etc.

Nufair Acnegel (For Acne and Acne scar )

Moisturising gel for Ane prone skin to get the clear skin of your dream, Perfect fruit enzyme Gel Mask for sensitive and Acne prone skin. Contains enzymes to cure acne/Pimples. Made up of Kiwi extract, Pineapple enzyme, Papaya Enzyme and Pumpkin enzyme. Economically priced. Most gentle enzyme gel mask for sensitive skin that still offers visible results without further causing irritation and sensitivity. Removes redness and scarring from face. Mildly exfoliate the skin and gives glow.

Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Enzyme, Bromelain (From pineapple), Papaya Extract, Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera

Packing Code
50 g ACG50
  1. Stimulate new cell turnover, while digesting and removing the old impacted proteins in the pore – essentially allowing your skin to rejuvenate itself
  2. Most gentle enzymes for sensitized skin
  3. Removes redness and scarring from face
  4. Helps in reducing pimples and blemishes
  1. Fight free-radical damage and also cleanse the skin by dissolving blackheads and dead cells from the skin’s surface.
  2. Unclogs the skin and prevents buildup of acne and pimples.
  3. The bromelain from pineapple helps in removing dead skin from burns ( According to University of Maryland Medical Center).

Apply it as a mask after cleansing your face, leave it for 10 minutes preferably in night and wash your face and Apply Night cream/lotion suiting your skin. If you have redness or sensitivity to your skin you may initially want to apply this for only 2-3 minutes at a time. And only once every 1-2 weeks. Be sure to hydrate the skin after removal. Apply it as a mask after cleansing ur face, leave it for 10 minutes preferably in night and wash your face and Apply Night cream/lotion suiting your skin. If you have redness or sensitivity to your skin you may initially want to apply this for only 2-3 minutes at a time. And only once every 1-2 weeks. Be sure to hydrate the skin after removal



We DO NOT include any hydroquinone, mercury or steroids in our products. Nufair is made up of natural extracts for optimum efficiency and safety. As with all cosmetic products, please consult with a dermatologist prior to use. Long term treatments with any skin care product should be monitored by a medical professional.

Everyone's skin and body is different. Because of this, there is a very small chance that your skin may be allergic to the ingredients in our products. Our ingredients are generally tolerated by most individuals, however, there are some skin types which may be extremely sensitive. Some individuals may experience a slight redness or darkening of the treated areas in the first few days while their skin adjusts to the product. We recommend that all of our customers test for allergic reactions by applying a small amount on the neck or arm for 3 days (prior to using on the face). If your skin is overly sensitive to any of the ingredients in our formula, we suggest you discontinue use.

The ingredients in our products are not classified as carcinogens. As with most skin care products, your skin may become extra sensitive to the sun during use. Heavy sun exposure may increase the risk of skin cancer in individuals with fair skin. We recommend the use of a sun block while treating your skin with any of our products.

Generally you will begin to see initial results within the first 2 weeks of regular use. If the pigmentation in the affected area is extensive, results may take longer to appear. Normally full results can be seen after 2-3 months of continuous daily use. Results will vary depending on your skin type, skin condition and the amount of sun exposure you receive on a daily basis.

Hyperpigmentation can occur on many different layers of the skin. Though typically epidermal, hyperpigmentation can occasionally be dermal. Dermal pigmentation occurs underneath the skin where as epidermal is actually on the skin. In the case of dermal pigmentation, topical creams can not penetrate below the epidermis to alleviate the problem. Normally, the melanocytes are located in the basal layer of the epidermis and an increase in number or activity will cause epidermal hyperpigmentation. However, formed melanin may be transferred to the dermis or, in some cases, dermal melanocytes are present. Topical creams are generally only effective on epidermal hyperpigmentation. To determine what kind of pigmentation exists in your skin, we recommend consulting with a qualified dermatologist.

In most individuals, hyperpigmentation is epidermal and the results will generally be permanent. Some users with deeper rooted hyperpigmentation may find it necessary to use small periodic applications from time to time to maintain the effects of the product. Sun exposure should be limited to maintain results. We recommend the use of a sun block of SPF 30 or higher.

The 50 gm will lasts roughly 4-5 weeks.

All of our products should be applied as an even layer over the affected area. Washing the skin before applying the cream will greatly improve the effectiveness of the product. You should rub the cream into the skin until it has absorbed entirely. Please avoid washing the skin immediately after applying the product. Moisturizers, sunblock and makeup can be used after the product has been applied successfully.

The product should be applied in the general areas of the affected skin. It does not need to be applied precisely on the spots/discolorations.

Yes. Nufair work very well on all types of hyper-pigmented areas on the face and body.

Years of sun exposure will gradually cause exposed skin to become dull and often blotchy. Nufair works to brighten the overall complexion by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation associated with sun damage. Over the course of a few months, treated skin will gradually become uniform and eventually be restored to its original luminous color and texture.

Yes. Our products have been proven to work on all skin types, regardless of color and ethnicity. Individuals with very dark skin tones may take longer to see results.

No. Nufair should only be used to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The cream will have no effect in restoring color to white spots/discolorations.

Yes. All of our products are suitable for both men and women. The creams can also be used on children above the age of 12 when administered by an adult. Please consult with a doctor before use if you have any special skin/medical conditions.

Women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are nursing should wait to begin treatment with the cream until after pregnancy or when nursing has concluded. The safety and efficacy of Nufair in pregnant women and nursing mothers have not been established.

We believe that all skin colors are beautiful and discourage customers from using skin lighteners for the sole purpose of 'whitening' the overall skin tone. Removing large amounts of your normal skin color through the use of any skin lightening cream, will decrease your skin's natural defense against ultraviolet light which can lead to excessive sun sensitivity and skin irritation.

The exfoliation ingredients in Nufair can assist in reducing dirt and old skin on the epidermis. All of our products also contain high concentrations of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, both of which are known to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. To specifically target wrinkles, we recommend the use of our Antiage Cream which works well to reduce appearance of fine lines and aging skin.

Some users may be extra sensitive to the ingredients in our products. This can cause minor blemishes and/or peeling in the first week of use. This is normal and does not signify any harmful side effects. You can reduce the number of applications for the first two weeks and allow your skin to adjust to the ingredients. You should not see any pimples after your skin completely adjusts to the formula. If peeling/acne becomes severe, you may have an allergic reaction to the product and should discontinue use.

We do not recommend you directly mix the product with any other substance. You may use additional moisturizers, toners and cleansing products in routine with our products. Please test for skin irritation when using multiple products on the face and body.

The cream is very concentrated and generally used on the face, hands and neck. However, there is no harm in using the cream on larger areas of the body. All of our products are for external use only.

Yes. However, please wait at least 10 minutes before applying any makeup and/or sunblock. This will allow the product to absorb properly into the skin.

Refrigeration of our products is recommended for long term storage (more than 1 year). For regular use, keep lid tightly closed and store in a dry cool place away from light exposure.

There are hundreds of skin lightening products already on the market. You may even see creams that contain the same active ingredients as Nufair. So what makes the Nufair formula so unique? Simply put, research! Though a low grade product might contain similar ingredients, it doesn't guarantee its effectiveness. In order to harness the true power of the active ingredients, great care must be taken when manufacturing the product. Light and air can easily deteriorate substances like Kojic Acid. Other ingredients must be carefully stored in vacuum desiccators in order to preserve their shelf life. Furthermore, the Orinova team takes great effort to micronize and filter all of our active ingredients and extracts for superior efficiency. Cheaper quality manufacturers do not take these precautions. When creating a product, the base ingredients are just as important as the active ones. It is important to choose proper carriers and liposomes to ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin. It is also wise to include effective preservatives and moisturizers to ensure minimal skin irritation. Nufair contains the highest concentrations of active ingredients tolerated by the skin. The use of special base ingredients and high quality actives is what brings out the true effectiveness of the formula and sets us apart from other manufacturers..

Yes, we ship to nearly every country in the world.. You may place your order by mail or phone. For more information, please view our ordering page

We are no longer offering free samples. This may change in the future.

Please use our contact page to request a quote for large orders.

  1. Quality Bio-active ingredients
  2. from Organic Source
  3. For external use only
  4. Shake well before use.
  5. Store below 25 degree C.
  6. Keep away from direct Sunlight.
  7. Age: 15+
  8. For All Skin Types


September 13, 2017

24/7 helpdesk is also available. I Love it!



September 13, 2017

24/7 helpdesk is also available. I Love it!

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