Nuhair Kit

Nuhair Hair Loss Prevention kit contains –

  1. Nuhair Tablet 30’s (Link of nuhair tab+plus serum+shampoo)
  2. Nuhair Serum 60 ml
  3. Nuhair Shampoo – 120 ml
  4. Dermatologist Formulated
  5. Natural Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Restoration product
  6. Stops Hair loss and thinning of Hair in Men and women
  7. Addresses all known aspect of Hair Loss/ Androgenic Alopecia

Saw Palmetto, Grape seed extract.

Pack of 30’s Tablets
Nuhair Plus serum 100 ml
Nuhair Shampoo 100 ml

More than 95 percent of all hair loss in men and women is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. This condition is due to a by-product of testosterone known as DHT, which is produced in high quantities by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme found in the scalp. The binding of DHT to the genetically predisposed hair follicle results in gradual suppression and miniaturization of the hair and eventual shrinkage and deterioration of the hair follicle.

Nuhair is a topical & Oral formula made of natural active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be the most potent anti-DHT compounds available today. Nuhair topical serum works by blocking DHT in the scalp, decreasing the levels of the hormone available. This allows the hair follicles to rejuvenate and produce thicker and stronger hair, creating a fuller and healthier head of hair.

No, when used as directed. Nuhair’s active ingredients are made of all natural compounds that have a long history of use both orally and topically. The only side effect noted with the use of this product has been transient mild scalp irritation in less than 2% of users.

After four to five weeks of using Nuhair, you should see a significant decrease in hair loss and notice a difference in how your hair looks and feels. After three to four months of use, your revitalized hair will make your scalp look fuller and denser. With continued use, your hair will stay healthy and continue to improve.

Yes, and we have many satisfied women customers. Surprisingly, the cause of hair loss in women is the same as in men in most cases. Fortunately for women, estrogen helps to protect the hair follicle from the destructive effects of DHT. However, many women develop thinning hair and hair loss due to estrogen level fluctuations and/or overproduction of DHT. Nuhair helps protect the hair follicle from DHT, resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Simply apply Nuhair to the affected area (and surrounding areas) of the scalp at least once a day. Avoid washing your hair for at least three hours after application so the scalp can effectively absorb the active ingredients. You can apply Nuhair at any time during the day, but most people prefer to use it at night before going to bed.

Yes. You can use any other hair-care products while using Nuhair, including hair color and styling products. You can even wear a hat. If you’re going to use additional topical treatments such as (Minoxidil), you must apply them at least three hours apart to prevent any interference with the absorption of Nuhair’s active ingredients.

Once you achieve the desired results, you must continue to use Nuhair to maintain your revitalized hair because your body is continuously producing DHT. However, unlike many other products, you can decrease the frequency of Nuhair application over time by tapering off daily use and ultimately reducing use to three to five times a week. This usually takes up to twelve to sixteen months of use.

Yes. Nuhair is made of all natural ingredients that have no side effects and do not react with other medications, including Minoxidil and Fenasteride . You can safely use Nuhair with other medications.

Yes. Although the transplanted hair is theoretically resistant to the destructive effects of DHT, the hair follicles surrounding the transplanted area may still be genetically susceptible to DHT. If these hair follicles are not protected they will eventually be lost, causing the need for additional transplants..

If DHT-related hair loss is not treated appropriately, eventually the miniaturized hair follicles are permanently destroyed. This process is called atrophy and the atrophied hair follicles are replaced by scar tissue. A scalp area with hair follicle atrophy looks bare and shiny and will not respond to any product or medication..

No. Unfortunately after the hair follicle has atrophied, it is permanently lost. However, if you use Nuhair at any point during the hair miniaturization process, the hair follicle can be protected from DHT assault.

We recommend using Saw Palmetto Shampoo to add body and thickness to your hair. This specially designed shampoo reinforces the effects of Nuhair Therapy by removing sebum and DHT from the scalp and creating a healthy environment for hair growth.



September 13, 2017

24/7 helpdesk is also available. I Love it!



September 13, 2017

24/7 helpdesk is also available. I Love it!

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